Ninja Professional Blender Review

Ninja Professional Blender Review Rating

The Ninja Professional Blender is on the more cost-effective side of the blender universe. Its $125 price tag is among the lowest of the high quality blenders that were reviewed. So how did it perform? Check out my review and find out.


The Ninja blender is a decent little appliance. It’s got an 1100 watt motor, which helps it chop through ice and chunks of fruit with relative ease. The fruit smoothies it delivered were nearly as smooth as those from much more expensive blenders. Though when blending vegetables, the results were sometimes a little pulpy. But on the plus side, the Ninja was easy to use, with just a few simple buttons. No learning curve required.


One of the best parts of the Ninja Professional is that you don’t have to use the 72 ounce pitcher every time you blend. It comes with a pair of sixteen ounce cups that you can just pop on and use in its place. Perfect for making that smoothie for one. And the matching to-go lids only sweeten the deal.


This blender is definitely on the louder side. So it’s probably best to not start smoothie action at midnight.


A big difference between the Ninja Professional and some of the more expensive blenders is the materials. The Ninja features a lot of hard plastics — even on the part that connects the motor to the container. It seems like with regular use, it could potentially break down. At least there’s a year warranty, but that’s not really much when compared to other blenders.

If you’re in the market for an affordable blender, the Ninja isn’t a terrible choice. It’s got decent power and a nice smoothie-for-one cup system. But with its extreme loudness and cheaper materials, there are better options out there.

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