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About My Weight Loss Shake Reviews

weight loss shakeI created CompareMealReplacementShakes.com because I was having trouble finding honest, firsthand reviews of the various weight loss shakes on the market.  Sure, there are other weight loss review websites out there, but they were all written by companies — not by an individual.  So I wanted to make a website for the people out there who are just like me. People who want real reviews. And now with this website, you’ve got them.

I’ve reviewed some of the top meal replacement shakes and graded them from A to F.  Just like in elementary school an A grade is the best and a F grade is the worst.  So if I really liked a shake and considered it to be high-quality, I gave it an A. If a shake got an F grade, that means you should probably stay very far away from it.

For each weight loss shake review, I’ll tell you a little bit about the shake.  Then I’ll grade the shake on its price (everyone wants a cost effective shake), nutritional value, appetite blocker (no one wants a shake that won’t keep them full), and taste.  Based on those factors, I’ll give the weight loss shake an overall grade.

From that point, I’ll leave it open to you to share your own thoughts about the shake.  Everyone has a different reaction to a shake, so I definitely want to hear your point of view.  The more comments, the more a person can make a better decision on whether or not a meal replacement shake is right for them!